our Team

Kyoshin Ahn

NAD Executive Secretary

Office: 443.391.7111

Email: kyoshinahn@nadadventist.org

Responsible for NAD administrative operations, policy implementation, diversity, and general items pertaining to the Secretariat function. 

Jorge A. Ramirez


Office: 443.391.7112

Email: jorgeramirez@nadadventist.org

Responsible for the Secretariat functions that include general calls; interpreting, developing and revising  church policies; Interdivision travel; collecting and maintaining Union and Local Conference Constituency Meeting calendars; Union Executive Committee calendars as well as Union Secretariat Year End Meetings; supervision of eAdventist Membership Team; staff worship and other administrative functions of Secretariat in the absence of and as assigned by the Secretary.

Carolyn R. Forrest, MSM, SPHR

Associate Secretary and Director of  Human Relations.

Office: 443.391.7105

Email: carolynforrest@nadadventist.org

Carolyn R. Forrest is associate secretary and director for the Office of Human Relations for the North American Division, assisting conference, union, division, and institutional leaders with Working Policy, Church Manual, and Human Relations (i.e., conciliation and dispute resolution, diversity and inclusion, and sexual ethics committee) inquiries. She has served as director of Human Resource Services for the NAD and the Florida Conference, director of the Archives and Statistics Office for the NAD, and as Coordinator for the NAD International Service Employees to the Guam-Micronesia Mission and Returning NAD-based Missionaries. Forrest earned a B.B.A. in business administration/human resource management, an M.S.M in management/HR management, and is certified as a senior professional in human resources. Before her denominational service, Forrest worked for twelve years in corporate employment as an HR Manager in educational publishing, manufacturing, and banking operations. She has served in Management and Human Resources for over thirty years. Forrest’s priorities are Jesus, family/friends, and lifelong learning.

Bonita J. Shields

Associate Secretary

Office: 443.391.7138

Email: bonitashields@nadadventist.org

Responsible for the Nurture and Retention ministry, the Terms of Reference, minutes, and agenda repository, and the development of the NAD Operations Manual.

Danielle Toddy

Director, Human Resource Services

Office: 443.391.7101

Email: DanielleToddy@nadadventist.org

Danielle is the Director of Human Resource Services for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. Prior to her current position, Danielle served as HR Director for the Rocky Mountain Conference in Denver, Colorado. She has served in the field of Human Resources for almost 20 years.

Secretariat Support Staff 

Melissa Gottlieb

Executive Assistant

Office: 443.391.7111

Email: melissagottlieb@nadadventist.org

Support the Executive Secretary on a range of projects that pertains to the NAD Secretariat functions, which includes the NAD Working Policy, NAD Year-end Meeting, New Conference Secretaries Orientation, Secretaries Council and Clerks Training, Credentials and Licenses and relevant office responsibilities.

Valerie Robbins

Administrative Office Assistant

Office: 443.391.7113

Email: valerierobbins@nadadventist.org

Processes independent transfers, Inter-division calls, and division status applications. Performs a variety of duties that include annual and quarterly statistical reporting, assistant recording secretary, and provides forms for collecting statistical data from local conferences and church clerks. Scans archived documents for the Archives/Statistics office.

Sharri Davenport

Appointee Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Office: 443.391.7110

Email: sharridavenport@nadadventist.org

Processes Women in Pastoral Ministry applications, and prepares Secretariat committee agendas and minutes. Maintain Terms of Reference committee lists.

Administrative Assistant to OHR

Office: 443.391.7106

Performs various secretarial duties for the associate secretary and director of OVM; including service requests, maintaining division wide Camp Meeting dates/locations, plans and prepares the agenda for advisories, committees, and meetings; coordinates the Black History Program; assists with assigned administrative details for the OHR and OVM. 

Ana Guerrero

Administrative Assistant to the Undersecretary

Office: 443.391.7112

Email: AnaGuerrero@nadadventist.org

Supports the Undersecretary with a variety of tasks including Inter-division Service Requests, worship calendar, union executive committee meetings calendar, local conferences constituency meetings, authorized meetings/NAD calendar, committee meetings, and policy development. Coordinate NAD Yearbook updates.

Deloris Bailey


Office: 443.391.7200

Email: DelorisBailey@nadadventist.org

Human Resource Services Support Staff

Chandler Riley

Associate Director 

Office: 443.391.7103

Email: ChandlerRiley@nadadventist.org

Oversees and manages the benefits for NAD headquarters employees, conducts new employee benefits orientations and exit interviews, and functions as the liaison between the employer and the optional benefits vendors.

Sarah Kelly

HR Systems and Training Specialist

Office: 443.391.7104

Email: SarahKelly@nadadventist.org

Responsibilities include the maintenance of HR systems and processes; creates and maintains Kronos accounts; oversees the ergonomic, graduate studies, and time adjustment; manages the informational and promotional materials for the Annual HR Conference; retains continuing education record for all NAD employees; maintains the external and internal HR webpages; develops the office directories, manuals, forms, and schedules; and other HR responsibilities.

Jeannie Wright

Associate Director

Office: 443.391.7102

Email: jeanniewright@nadadventist.org

Responsible for facilitating the new hire on-boarding process, the audit of job descriptions, review and compliance of government regulated federal employment laws, organizational policies and researches and compiles statistical data for use at the HR Director’s request.  

Office of Volunteer Ministries Support Staff

Ernest Hernandez, MA, MPA


Office: 443.391.7116

Email: ernesthernandez@nadadventist.org

Responsible for OVM operations and general items pertaining to the OVM functions.

Casey Vaughn

Recruiting and Marketing Specialist

Office: 443.391.4164

Email: caseyvaughn@nadadventist.org

Recruits volunteers through social media, in-person events, and story-telling. Raises awareness through marketing of the office’s purpose and mission.

Gladys Guerrero

Tutoring & Mentoring Coordinator

Office: 443.391.7117

Email: gladysguerrero@nadadventist.org

Processes long-term volunteer and short-term trips through HeSaidGo.org. Coordinates accounts and service requests for NAD volunteers and interdivision volunteers, coordinating and mentoring sites for at-risk children.