Solicitation of Funds

Step 1: Complete the Request Form

The purpose of this form is to ensure that all divisions follow the General Conference /North American Division Working Policy:

[S 50 10] Solicitation by Organizations—No conference/mission/region/ field station, church, institution, or self-supporting enterprise is to solicit funds from outside its own territory without written authorization from its conference/mission/region/field station officers and of the conference/mission/region/field station administration of the area in which the solicitation is to take place.

  1. If you work outside of the North American Division and would like to visit, call, or email for the purpose of soliciting funds, you’ll need to complete the Inter-Division Solicitation of Funds form.

Step 2: Solicitation of Funds Request Approved

After a Solicitation of Funds Request is submitted online, it is electronically submitted to the approving entity (e.g., institution, conference, union, division) of the location in which the individual or group has requested to serve.  The approving organization must login to approve (or deny) the pending Solicitation of Funds Request:

To Approve or Deny Requests: Log in Here

Step 3: Final Notification

The employee and other pertinent parties will receive an automated notification indicating that their request has been “approved” or “denied”.


  1. Submit Solicitation of Funds Requests at least two (or more) months prior to the planned start date, since the processing time for Solicitation of Funds Requests vary based on committee meeting dates.
  2. If you have yet to receive an email confirmation of approval, it is more likely that the hosting organization has not approved your request. If you have a question, or need clarification, please contact: or (443) 391-7119.