Women in Pastoral Ministry

About the Initiative:

The objective of the NAD Women In Pastoral Ministry Initiative is to help increase the number of female pastors within the North American Division. Our aim is to double the current number of pastors in the field over the next five years. The initiative attempts to accomplish the objective through…

  1. The education of members,
  2. Nurturing of female pastors within our territory, and
  3. Providing partnership incentives with conferences to hire more female pastors.

The partnership with local conferences is a three-way matching arrangement between the conference, union, and the division. Because this is an initiative, unions and conference participate as they are willing and able to do so.

The Process:

Individuals interested in applying to the program must first contact their local conference. Conferences must submit applications after they assess a local congregation’s readiness to receive a female pastor and then agree to participate in ongoing nurturing and mentoring of female pastors that are hired. The program is dependent on the unions finding it in their budgets to fulfill their part after a conference makes the commitment. 

 The application for WIM sponsorship is to be submitted and approved by all three partners (conference, union, and division) before the female pastor is employed by the conference. 

*Please note that funding is provided to the conference to hire a female pastor; the money is not issued to the individual.

Eligibility Criteria:

For the Women in Pastoral Ministry (WIM) program, the preferred degree is an MDiv degree from the Seminary at Andrews University. For a female pastor who has not yet attended seminary at the time of application to the NAD, we encourage them to work with NAD Ministerial for assistance with enrollment into the MAPMin program at the Seminary at Andrews University. 

-The conference must be willing to make a long-term commitment to the female pastor beyond the financial assistance.

-The funding from the conference, union, and division is only for three consecutive years for the approved female pastor.

-The funding supports only salary, divided into thirds for three years, no ERI nor employee benefits.

-Funding is available for new female applicants who have never been employed by the Church as a pastor.

-There is a limit of 20 slots/individuals sponsored throughout the division per year, on a first-come, first-served basis from the conferences.

Click here for the Women In Pastoral Ministry Application. See the brochure for more information about the Women in Pastoral Ministry Initiative.

For additional questions or assistance contact Carolyn Forrest at carolynforrest@nadadventist.org.