Service Travel Requests

Welcome to the Inter-Division Service Request page. This page has been created to help denominational entities process Inter-Division Service Requests. We hope you find this page helpful and easy to use whether you are a sister division, a conference, union, or a denominational entity of the North American Division.

Step 1: Submit Travel Request

Submit your Travel Request by completing one of the following Inter-Division Service Request (IDSR) Forms  below*, as appropriate:

  1. Travel Request Form for Denominational Employees (e.g. union, conference, hospitals, universities, etc.) in North America who are invited to serve in another division.
  2. Travel Request Form for Internal NAD Employees who desire to serve within another division. (Any request to travel outside of the division should be made a MINIMUM OF SIX WEEKS PRIOR to the departure date).
  3. Travel Request Form for Denominational Entities (e.g. unions, conferences, hospitals, universities, etc.) in North America requesting individuals from other divisions to serve in North America.

*Note: If you’re not sure which of the above forms to complete, please contact Ana Guerrero by phone (443) 391-7112 or email before submitting your Travel Request.

Step 2: Travel Request Approved

After a Travel Request is submitted online, it is automatically sent to the approving organization(s) and/or the entity(ies) who are requesting service (e.g., conference, union, division).  The approving organization must click on the link below to log-in and approve (or deny) the pending Service Travel Request:

Approve or Deny Request: Log in Here

Step 3: Employee Notified

The employee will receive an electronic notification indicating that their Service Travel Request has been either “approved”,”denied” or “cancelled”.


  1. Submit Denominational IDSRs at least two (or more) months prior to the assignment’s start date, since the processing time for Service Travel Request varies.
  2. Contact the hiring/requesting organization immediately after submitting your Service Travel Request to confirm receipt of the request. Note: If the organization did not receive the request, confirm the contact information of the person responsible for approving/denying the Service Travel Request. Then provide a current phone number and email of the organization’s contact information to NAD at (443) 391-7112. NAD will update their records accordingly to ensure receipt of the request.
  3. Any requests for lay-persons or non-denominational workers should be processed through the Office of Volunteer Ministries as a short-term mission.
  4. Include any important parties in the “Email Send Copy” option to ensure each individual receives any approval decisions.
  5. We do request that you record any service request, even after the effective service dates.
  6. Contact the requesting organization first to check the status of your Travel Request. Then contact the NAD office at (443) 391-7112.